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  • ​​Most PPOs

  • Medicare 

  • Tricare ​​

    • Prime​ - with referral from PCP/PCM

    • Select

  • ChampVA

  • OCN - Southerwestern Valleys (formerly Valley Physicians Network)

  • TriValley Medical Group

  • Sharp Healthcare Medical Group

  • Alphacare Medical Group

  • OCN - Hemet Valley (formerly Primecare of Hemet) 

  • American Primary Care Alliance

  • Brand New Day


*Accepting self-pay patients* 

We do NOT accept any Medi-Cal/Medicaid or any Covered California plans.

We are unable to accept personal injury cases, lien-based cases or workers compensation claims.

Accepted Health Plans 


"Do you only treat neck and low back?"

We specialize in spine treatments but Dr. Kelling and his staff are highly trained and able to help treat other areas of pain as well. 

"Do you offer gel injections?"

Yes! We do offer gel injections for knee pain. Please call our office for more details.

"My doctor says I need surgery, can you help me avoid that?"

Yes! We offer several alternative procedures and treatments to help keep our patients from

surgery whenever possible. While no procedure is 100% guaranteed to eliminate chronic pain, we promise to do our very best to get you back to living life with less pain without surgical intervention.

"I tweaked my back playing golf, can you help me get back on the course?

Yes! We offer several procedures depending on your area of pain to get you back on the tees in no time.

"I need someone to prescribe my pain management medications for me, can you do that?"

We recommend contacting your primary care provider for this. Our friendly staff is also available to provide information for  other pain management offices in the area that offer this service.  

"Do I need an MRI or X-Ray before I can be seen?"

We recommend completing MRI, CT or X-Ray imaging prior to a consultation with our providers. While this is not required, MRI or CT imaging allows us to offer a treatment plan on your consultation. If you are unable to complete these before a visit with us, that is okay, we can order one for you.

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