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An intervertebral fixation/spacer is a minimally invasive treatment option for patients with spinal stenosis. This procedure consists of implanting a small spacer in the spine to alleviate pressure from the nerves in the spine that are causing your pain. We offer two types of an intervertebral fixation being Vertiflex and MinuteMan. These procedure is performed at an outpatient surgery center and is performed under mild sedation. 

intervertebral fixation

vertiflex intervertebral fixation

Both devices are made of titanium and are safe for future MRIs. 

minuteman intervertebral fixation

What are the benefits?

The goal of this procedure is to not only improve your pain and symptoms, but to also improve your quality of life and allow you to participate in your daily activities with less pain. While the greatest benefit of having an intervertebral fixation is achieving relief of your pain, for some patients, there are many other benefits! The other benefits to achieving relief of your pain with this treatment are: 

  • limiting or discontinuing the amount of medication taken to relieve your pain

  • returning to the activities that make you happy

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